My team



My team consists of people I trust dearly

to make the right decisions for my improvement.

Jérôme Theunis

Jérôme, as I mentioned earlier is very well known in the industry

as a golf instructor and European Tour coach and trusted by many

of the worlds best. Jerome and I have been working together since

the age of 15 and yet I still learn something new every week.

Ghislain Assant

Ghislain is my performance coach and has been following and helping me since the age of 14.

Recently have we decided to intensify our relationship and have started working together on a weekly basis to discuss practice plans and preparation.

Chase Barber

Coach Barber has been my physical instructor at South for the past two

years and even when I go home for the summer and I can't meet him in person he sends me programs and video instructions.

George Mackechnie

Short game and statistic analytic coach George, was my instructor in highschool for short game and is very knowledgeable not only in short game but also in the statistic aspect of the game.

We work together and discuss what must be improved.